12 Things You Didn’t Know About Spiders

14 May

This page is the ideal way to learn all about spider facts – and some you didn’t!

1 Spiiders have eight letters, which is the same as their legs – spooky!

2 People have always been scared of spiders, even in the olden days when people were quite brave and fought other hairy creatures like mammoths.

3 The reason people are scared of spiders is because of the eight legs. It is like a hand, creeping about on its own, waiting to do a mischief like tickle you or feel you up. But worse, because it’s got two extra fingers!

4 You would think that something also with eight legs like an octopus would be brave with a spider, but NO! Because, think what it would be like if you suddenly saw a tiny little hairy man scuttling about on the floor – you’d be scared too, just like an octopus would of a spider!

5 For a lot of people born in the 1950s their earliest memory will be of a spider. This is because bananas were suddenly available and spiders were stowing away on them.

6 It is very famous that the Black Widow Spider will kill and eat a male spider after she has made it do an egg.

7 Another name for a spider is ‘arachnid’ which means ‘spider’ in a LOT of languages now.

7 Spiders are well known to crawl across your face while you’re asleep, so leave a fly on your chin as a snack.

8 You can overcome your fear of scuttling spiders by clip-clopping two halves of coconut shell together to make them seem like a horse

9 Watching spiders webs with flies dying and wrestling and struggling for life is almost as good as reality celebs on TV although you might not recognise the spider from somewhere but can’t put your finger on it, alternatively have never heard of the spider.

11 A spider has 8 legs so it can wrestle a fly while reading a newspaper.

12 A spider will walk on its hind legs if it thinks no one is looking.


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