Whimsy (from October 2012)

12 Feb

This is an old blog post from October 2012, which I’m reposting as it’s disappeared from the internet. I think it still holds true.

11 October, 2012

Ok, I’m slightly drunk as I write this, but I can’t see any other circumstances under which I might feel moved to write it.

I got in a bit of a disagreement a couple of weeks ago with a follower, accusing me of being too whimsical. Or, to be more precise, of being “a well-educated person burying my head in the sand and fiddling while England burns”*.

The thing that has been bothering me is this notion that fiddling, of being whimsical, is something I should apologise for.

As I write about this I can see that it’s a ridiculous argument, but I completely sympathise with the person’s view that we need to do something about what’s happening in this country. However, I balk at the idea that this is the function of twitter.

Personally, I use Twitter as a creative medium. It’s more for sharing my thoughts with the world than chatting or arguing political points. I’m a bit naïve, politically. Occasionally I take cheap pot shots at obvious targets like George Osborne, and usually it’s to do with something superficial like his face or his privileged background, rather than his economic policies, which I really am ill equipped to comment on. That’s why I don’t tweet about the big, important issues. Because I don’t feel able to argue about them – nor do I want to.

But, back to the point. I use Twitter mostly as a one-way medium to share the word accidents or persistent images that bustle about in my head most of the time. They are often pointless, trivial, senseless, ephemeral. Twitter is, beautifully ephemeral. Everything floats off down the timeline.

Sometimes, I hope, they are beautiful, heartfelt, original, uplifting, surprising. They are an expression of me. I think a lot of you are like this too and that’s what I love about you. Whatever they are, I relish Twitter as a playground for ideas, with all that “playground” implies. Games, joy, shouting, fights, grazed knees, bullying, laughter, stupidity, whatever the fuck else kids do that we still relish or frown on as adults.

I could go on about how serious playing is, about how it forges bonds between like minds, about the support it can give you, about the real friendships forged, about the journeys words have taken me on this year, about what a beautiful place Twitter is most of the time… but I won’t. I will just continue to ply you with my whimsy. Please help yourself.

* these are the exact words slightly altered to fit my sentence. I don’t want to tweet the link because I don’t want to embroil the person in an unnecessary debate and it doesn’t really matter.


One Response to “Whimsy (from October 2012)”

  1. Maddy February 2, 2016 at 1:00 pm #

    Play. We must never forget, just because we’re older now, we still need to play somehow.

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