9 Oct

”Peter looked up at the opening, carefully judging the gap. He sprung, caught the edge of the window ledge and pulled himself up onto the sill. He dropped down lightly into the room and sat down. Andrew must have left the window open the idiot. He must have known Peter could get in that way. I smell, thought Peter. I need a wash. I’m hungry. I need to eat. I need to eat and I need to wash.

Andrew walked in from the kitchen. Hello Peter, he said. Food? He put a dish down in front of Peter who gobbled it greedily.

I love Andrew, thought Peter. I really love him.

His dish cleaned of every last morsel, Peter thought about how much he loved Andrew, and as he started to lick clean the hairs on his chest he thought about how, when he’d finished washing, he was going to go and rub himself against Andrew’s legs.”

I remember very clearly being set this comprehension passage at the entrance exam for the public school I was later to attend. The first question was “Who is Peter?”. My answer was brief: Andrew’s big brother.

Looking back on it 40 years later I can understand why I made the mistake. I loved my little brother too.


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