L Plates.

17 Jun

I turned 50 this weekend. I’m one of those chaps who shrugs and makes out that age doesn’t really mean much. And in truth the best thing about being 50 is that now I’m ‘not bad for someone in their 50s’ whereas three days ago I was ‘pretty ropey for someone in their 40s’. 

However, as this milestone approached it occurred to me that I would use it as a lever to make a change in my life. I realised quite suddenly that I’m pretty sick of dragging my past around with me. I’m one of those people that finds it hard to throw stuff away, so I’ve got boxes of things that I would loosely label ‘sentimental value’. Letters from girlfriends when I was a teenager, nicknacks given me by a friend whose name I no longer remember, that kind of stuff. I’ve kept everything because when I was younger I thought I would be interested in looking back at who I was then when I was older… if you see what I mean.

Well I’m sorry, younger Moose, but I’m just not that interested in you. Right now I’m happier than I’ve ever been (you were a bit of a miserable sod, weren’t you?). I am doing interesting things, meeting fascinating people… the future is what’s important. Maybe this seems a betrayal of who I once was, but to me carrying all this unregarded stuff with me wherever I go just feels like self-indulgence. Those things I’ve accumulated mean nothing to anyone else: what egotism to think that they would! Even I now realise I’ll never bother to revisit them.

So, now that I have turned 50 the one thing I’m going to change about my life is that I’m going to gradually (it’s far too big a job to do it in one go) destroy my nostalgia. I’m moving forwards, the past can take care of its self. Goodbye, the past!

Ok, let’s get on with it.



One Response to “L Plates.”

  1. Anne Booth June 17, 2013 at 9:05 am #

    I love the ‘not bad for someone in their fifties’ comment!!

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