Scented Candles for Men

15 Apr

Just throwing these out there:

Hard Hanky; Fogelhorn; Top Lip; Pottage; Uncle Remorse; Wenlock & Mandeville; Cleft; Untitled; Nipsy; Cockpit; Who Let The Ducks Out?; Folderol & A Hey Nonny No Nuncle; Dickie Davis; Wotsit!; Jizzaster!; Sausage n Mash; Bulb; Vajizzle; Hot Lansley; Hippobottomus; Clinka; Dognip; Cumberbatch; Yomama; Cro Magnon; Lief Garret; Chainoil No. 5; Milf; Citrus Face Punch; Sex Gonk; Old Spock; Tits!; Hot Bonk; Kermode! Apple Fist; Dognabbit; ’68 Comeback Special; Monstermünch; Henman Lite; Boof; Hot Pie; Lawn Mower; Werrity!; Morning Wood; Forensics; My Drift; Wet Muzzle; Monkeynut; Daddy Sauce; Shizzle; Funky Nige; Andrew Collins; Weee Doggy!; Turnip & Lime; Car Boot; Egg Nog; Sexy Sock; Clam Buffet; Pacino Hoo Hah; Lord Brisket; Callous Oaf; Enchantay Madame; Aqua Sputum; Cheese & Onion; Hot Porcupine; Slightly Knightly; Classic Twat; Real Ale.


One Response to “Scented Candles for Men”

  1. Donald May 6, 2013 at 2:55 am #

    How about freshly mowed lawn. I really didn’t know there were this many man candles out there. I will be trying a few of your suggestions. I appreciate this post!

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