100,000 tweets

16 Mar

At some point today I will have cruised past the 100,000 tweets mark. I find it hard to imagine how many words this is, how many volumes it would fill if it was published in book form. Suffice it to say, it represents a hell of a lot of HARD WORK on my part.

In mitigation, a fair number of those tweets are replies, simple acknowledgments (I usually opt for a ha!, a ha ha! or a 🙂 Many replies remain brief sentences in my head I never get round to typing). There have also been a substantial number of repeats, just like on the telly, and a slew of retweets, occasionally shading over into “a frenzy of”.

Only last week I had notification that it was my fourth twitter birthday. I didn’t really tweet much in the first year, but after that I began to worry that I was becoming obsessed with the place. Then for a year or so I lived with the idea that I was a twitter addict.

I don’t think like that any more. Twitter is just a part of my life. An important part of it. I live there quite a lot of the time. So to describe yourself as being addicted to twitter is like saying you’re addicted to your home, or addicted to talking to people. Because really twitter is just lots of people, and I’ve chosen to follow a brilliant bunch who keep me entertained, astonished, informed and from spending more time with my family.

Several of those people have spilled out of the usual 2-d world of the screen to become real 3-d friends. I’ve decided not to name names in this blog because I would be sure to miss someone out and that would be awful. You know who you are, and anyway, even people I haven’t met have become proper friends too – I don’t go along at all with this notion that ‘it’s only twitter’. Get real.

I think people don’t necessarily realise that your experience of twitter is unique. It depends entirely on who you follow, who follows you and who you interact with. There are plenty of people out there (I’ve met some) who are ‘readers’ – they just enjoy reading twitter without joining in. That’s fine by me, do it the way you want to. For me the daily thrust and parry of twitter is 95% brilliant with only the occasional unpleasantness to be trodden in, or preferably side-stepped but I’ve usually got my head in the clouds.

I’ve discovered recently that a lot of people don’t realise that I’m an artist as well as a tweeter. I do frequently post my drawings and cartoons as well as jokes (so you obviously haven’t been paying attention), which has fed naturally into my work. Through twitter I’ve ended up doing cartoons for magazines, had lots of art work commissioned, sold drawings I’ve just finished, all as a by-product of playing about with words on a daily basis and posting them to an appreciative audience. Twitter has also led to some amazing experiences. I did my first and only 10 minutes of stand up last year. I delivered a Lost Lecture in the beautiful Union Chapel in Islington and I worked on a film with a bunch of brilliant local people who have now become firm friends…

Ok, I think this is starting to get a bit nauseatingly self-congratulatory, so it’s probably a good time to stop and say thank you to all the people who make twitter a good place. Onwards to the next 100,000!




3 Responses to “100,000 tweets”

  1. patrick © graham (@smile_of_decade) March 16, 2013 at 11:05 am #

    I have 2 of your drawings – a direct result of discovering and growing to like the slightly bigger than 2D Moose. on Twitter, It’s a fun world, I’m staying.

  2. Heather Mitchell March 16, 2013 at 12:37 pm #

    Damn! I missed it and had to return to the TL to see what you tweeted. It was this post. 🙂

  3. Jeffw/@Jeffwni March 16, 2013 at 2:26 pm #

    Love your work, love your tweets and more importantly, I love… this blogpost! It might just be the ticket I need to solve a Twitter related argument I had with my wife no later than last time. Thanks. 🙂

    PS: How has she agreed with you… it didn’t solve a thing… Ah well.

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