My week on twitter.

28 Jan

1 Case of mistaken identity

A distant persistent barking.

Serpents writhing in my belly in the belly of the night.

Odd barks, nearer now.

A handshake. Steps disappearing down a corridor.

4 misquotes.

A child calling my name, but I ignore them… once or twice. (Thrice)

12 moments of misplaced petulance.

Ping pong with a teabag.

A barking right up in my face. Dog breath. Waggly tail.

Laughter in another room. Recognise the laugh, can’t place it.

Waiting. Idle thoughts. Mild erection.


Words bent out of all recognition to make a little knife. Not a weapon though. Suitable for spreading butter.

A new follower walks in through the front door, doffs a dandy hat, and exits through the bathroom window, runs away across the fields.


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