Worse than Hitler

21 Jan

I have a confession to make. I’m worse than Hitler. Literally.

Well, let me qualify that a bit – I’m fairly sure that some of the worst things I’ve done in my life are worse than some of the best things that Hitler did in his life. So, at times, I have been worse than Hitler. At least I’m prepared to admit that, which makes me better than Hitler… momentarily.

Good and evil – it’s not a permanent state. We are aware these days of the notion of human personality lying on a spectrum. I think the same is probably true of good and evil. Generally, I think I’m probably more on the good side than the bad side. I think Hitler was probably more on the bad side. The question is – do the bad things you do undermine the good things, and vice versa? Is the charity work that Savile undertook ruined by the awfulness of his crimes? Probably, to be honest.

Hideous scenes recently witnessed out there in the world of words. Remind me: what are those animals that spot a small wound on one of their own kind, then proceed to tear it apart? That’s it! Humans. 

A good person unintentionally says something a bit wrong and is torn apart as a witch. A bad man for once says something noble about guns in America and becomes a hero. Momentarily.

We are all on the spectrum of evil to good. I reckon I’m round about 55% – towards the good end. Most of the time. But occasionally I dip below Hitler on one of his good hair days.



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